Getting the single region mp3 file


POST /singleFile

The endpoint generates a single region MP3 file based on the provided parameters.

Request Body



JSON Object

an object containing user music params values: intensity, tempo, rhythm, tone , variance. These values are either integers ranging from 1 to 9 (mean parameter value) or keyframes arrays (except tempo).



Requested composition time in seconds. If no parameter value is passed, the default time value is 60 seconds. Currently, there is a limit set at 1200 seconds.


Array (int)

An array of integers representing tag id's.

    "mp3": "",
    "motiveId": 16,
    "status": "motiveId overwritten",
    "tokensUsed": 48,
    "executionTime": 9.0536079406738

Good to know: All the parameters are optional, so you don't need to pass anything to get music! However, it's worth noting that this may not be the best strategy to get the music you need. The more data you pass, the more control you have. Conversely, the less data you pass, the more automated the process becomes. Ultimately, you decide what you need the most!

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